Itaipu Binacional: Visit the great engineering work

You will be surprised!

Posted by Concept Design Hostel on 25/10/2019

Discover the largest hydroelectric power plant in the country and the second-largest in the world, through several tours: Special Circuit, Itaipu Panoramic, Itaipu Illuminated, Itaipu Biological Refuge, Itaipu Ecomuseum, Itaipu Kattamaram, and Itaipu Astronomical Pole.

Special Circuit
In the Special Circuit, you will take a guided tour through the interior of Itaipu Binacional, visit the main room where Brazilians and Paraguayans work and be amazed by their high technology and equipment.
As a reminder, you can bring your safety helmet, showing everyone that you have visited Itaipu.

Itaipu Panoramic
On this tour, visitors are taken by scenic bus to two observation lookouts, which allow different views of the plant.
The Itaipu Panoramic Tour ends over the dam with a beautiful view of Itaipu Lake. Being the most basic tour offered by the mill.

Itaipu Illuminated
This tour shows the dam all lit up, causing a great impact to all the visitors.
The tour ends with a beautiful fireworks show. A lot of emotion!

Itaipu Biological Refuge
This tour departs from Itaipu Visitor Center on a scenic bus.
During the tour, an expert guide tells the story of the area restoration project. Arriving at the Refugio buildings, it's time to start the walk.

Itaipu Ecomuseum
The museum is close to the Itaipu Visitor Center, the tour is made with a walk through the theme blocks of the Ecomuseum.
Itaipu Ecomuseu presents a fixed exhibition that shows the history of the Itaipu Plant, through historical pieces and interactive models.

Itaipu Kattamaram
You will take a stroll on Lake Itaipu, contemplating a lush landscape.
The vessel departs from Kattamaram Port, the last stop on Itaipu Panoramic visit, and sails on the border with the imposing Itaipu Dam.

Itaipu Astronomical Pole
The Itaipu Astronomical Pole offers several attractions, with activities indoors and outdoors.
You will get to know the Espaço Universo, which features miniature replica exhibits of spacecraft, prototype planets, and solar system simulators.

You can also enjoy a virtual sky that simulates an observer's view from any latitude on the planet.

You will be amazed at this gigantic work of engineering! We await you here at Concept.


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