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Cyntia Braga idealized and was in charge of Concept Design Hostel for 7 years. Journalist and a business woman, sought inspiration in some hostels in Europe, inaugurating the first design hostel of the triple border, in 2013.

She brings the concern about sustainability and created a project that, more than colorful, is highly connected with the best attention to the environment. Cyntia created a pallete with the own colors choice and baptized each room with the number that corresponds to the color that decorates it.

During these years she was ahead of these achievements:
- Among the 10 best hostels in Brazil by Trivago - 2016
- Best Hostel in Brazil by Viagem e Turismo Magazine - 2017
- 1st place on Trip Advisor - 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017
- Seal of Quality in Tourism by Sebrae - 2016 / 2017
- Gold Seal of Quality in Tourism by Sebrae - 2018
- Sesi ODS Seal - Sustainable Development Goals - 2018
- Airbnb SuperHost - 2018
- Traveller Review Awards by Booking, with 9,1 and 9,2 score, of 2014 until 2020.

"Developing the ideia of the Concept was a long and delicious project. I love fresh ideas and I don't live without a new challenge. For this reason, I decided go further, and challenge me in new adventures in the hospitality industry, no more in Brazil, but in Europe”.

Willian Stahl e Michele Pinheiro - new Concept owners

Michele, a businesswoman in the gastronomic industry and Willian, an Architect, decided to invest in the hotel business and acquired the award-winning and recognized Concept Design Hostel & Suites.

They promise to continue the quality standard, maintaining the differentiation in services and the high reputation achieved in the sales channels.

They will innovate in the area of ​​gastronomy, making Concept a new address with vegetarian and vegan options in the city, with items on the weekly menu and new periodic events.


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“Always fighting”

Arthur Galli

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